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Now Pilot Snowboard Bindings 2020

Now Pilot Snowboard Bindings 2020


Flex: Medium-Stiff // Chassis: Glass-Filled Nylon // Compatibility: 2x4, 4x4, and The Channel

The Now Pilot Snowboard Binding is tech driven with huge performance. Now has rewritten the book on binding construction with Skate-Tech that reduces contact for a significant smoother experience. Less contact with the board provides a natural flex without causing dead spots under the bindings. The Kingpin fulcrum point harnesses energy and sends it to the board with perfection. All these systems working together reduces board chatter, reduces fatigue, and increases board control. Could you ask for anything more? Customizable bushings let you adjust the dampening and responsiveness that makes the binding great for any condition. A freestyle binding that can do it all. Enough flex in the highback with ample power in the chassis makes the Pilot suitable for all styles of riding. Tool-less adjustments, awesome buckles, and moldable straps sets the Now Pilot binding apart from the competition.

The Pilot has great edge hold on rugged east coast days, but isn’t over overbearing on the freestyle front. If you enjoy park and want more power, the Now Pilot is a perfect fit. If power and response is your cup of tea without a doubt check out the Now Drive Snowboard Bindings.


Flex Hinge 2.0

Designed By: Now Bindings // Made in China

TLDR: Same great board feel and control as all NOW Bindings with a little more flex for the more freestyle oriented rider.

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