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Nordica GPX 95 W Ski Boots 2017 // Women's

Nordica GPX 95 W Ski Boots 2017 // Women's



Finding a higher performance women's ski boot that doesn't require you to unbuckle after every run has been a serious feat until now -- The Nordica GPX 95w.  Unlike most narrow fitting ski boots the GPX is really easy to get on even in the cold due to a softer plastic on the top of the boot -- no instep bite wahooo!  Slide your foot into the the plush primaloft insulated liner that will keep you toasty even on the coldest of days and you are ready to go.  

If you're on a nice pair of skis like the Black Pearl, Aura, Kenja, Koa 84 etc. you need a ski boot that is capable of steering that ski around -- the GPX 95 is a solid candidate.  


Forward Flex / Boot Fit

With 95 flex you'll be able to take your intermediate to advanced skis whereever you would like whenver you like.  Slightly softer than the Queen Bee, the GPX 95w is more forgiving, if you make a mistake from not-perfect technique you won't get punished for it.  The heel pocket is a little more cushiony than in the GPX 105w, so it'll be more comfortable if you want to enjoy a champagne or two for apres. 


GPX Primaloft - A liner that provides a secure enough fit without days and days of break-in. Primaloft insulation will keep your feet warmer even on the coldest days near or around the Canadian border.


4 Micro-Adjustable Buckles - 4 sleek micro-adjustable buckles keep your foot locked in place.  

Additional Awesomeness

Double Canting Adjustment - Improperly aligned canting can cause severe discomfort, and make it feel unnatural to run your skis flat. You don't have to tolerate that.

Full Shock Eraser - A PU foam foot board runs the length of the boot from heel to toe for ample comfort in harder snow conditions.  The foam used is also warmer -- bi-winning!

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