Never SummerNever Summer Warlock Snowboard 2017

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Never Summer Warlock Snowboard 2017



Never Summer continues to crush it like a trash compactor in NYC. They have big shoes to fill year in and out and yet again they have come out on top. The NEW Never Summer Warlock is the sickest, most epic, unbelievable snowboard that has come out of their factory. Skull and crossbones are protruding through the matte black top sheet that looks way sicker than it sounds. Hands down the coolest looking deck being released, but it has TONS of snap with a soft cushy feel that is great for everything that is fun. The original rocker camber profiles trancends back to NS's roots for the classic feel with a new shape on both ends. P-tex tip/tail protectors, press flex wood core, STS pre-tensioned fiberglass starts to paint the picture of what it's all about. Dominate the park with big airs, epic presses, and so much butter Orville Redenbacher is jealous. The NEW Never Summer Warlock is the hottest deck so get your wizard skills in effect before the snow even starts to fly.


Original Rocker Camber Profile - Rocker between the feet with camber from the binding inserts out, creates one the most versatile profiles for snowboarding.  Original rocker camber has 3 points of pressure that allows boards to be surfy and controlled in one package.


Press Flex Wood Core - Rocker design has 2 softer flex points between the feet for the ultimate in pressing and getting your butters on. Tons of pop for ollies makes this core the foundation for freestyle shredding.

Elastomeric Underfoot Stabilizers - Located directly under the inserts for vibration absoprtion that keeps things nice and stable at high speeds.


True Twin - The ultimate shape for freestyle shredding with a perfect balance from front to back.

Vario Power Grip Sidecut - The middle of the board has a flat radius that transitions into deeper sidecut towards the tip and tail.  This allow the board to track straight when you riding the board flat and gives the board more contact points to create better edge hold. The chairman's sidecut has two more radius that create and even stronger edge hold for this freeride beast.


STS Pretensioned Fiberglass - Pre-hardened and tensioned fiberglass with added elastomer stringers between the Bi-Lite fiberglass running the length of the effective edge. Ultimately resulting in epic strength, edge hold, and performance.

Carbon VXR Laminate Technology - Extends carbon fiber V's from the inserts to the effective edge for quick response and gaining torsional rigidity. The V's also when compresed store and unleash huge pop for massive ollies that also abosrbs during landings.


Durasurf  XT Sintered 4501 Base - This exclusive sintered base from crown plastics is super fast and durable that only Never Summer gets to play with.

Sintered P-tex Sidewall - Never Summer was the first snowboard to compony to use sintered P-tex sidewalls.  Its not a surprise that they are the best at it. Never Summer has still yet to see a P-tex sidewall crack.

Additional Awesomeness

Freestyle Damping System - FDS is specifcally designed for freestlye models that puts a thinner rubber foil inside for a lighter snappier feel.

Low Profile Tip/Tail - Nose and tail sit lower to the snow to maximize contact for more powerful ollies and reduces plow for easier transitions from feature to feature.

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