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Never Summer Proto Synthesis Snowboard 2021

Never Summer Proto Synthesis Snowboard 2021


Flex: Mid-Flex // Shape: Asymmetrical Twin // Profile: Camber-Rocker-Camber

The Type Two is sounds sad, but its bones have been pulled out and resurrected into something even greater. The Never Summer Proto Synthesis is now the top dog that evolved from a legend and will  continue the legacy. Built on the new Shock Wave Camber profile extends the camber zones for added pop, stability and all mountain grip. Still maintaining a mid flex feel that has graced riders from the steeps into the park. You still have your asym cut, you still have the lively feel we all love, but more camber was the final touch needed to boost performance. If you want all mountain domination that can take flight and lay a trench the Never Summer Proto Synthesis Snowboard is the answer.


What does it mean for a board to have an asymmetrical shape?

While directional boards have a different length end to end, asymmetrical boards have a different shape on the heel side vs. the toe side. Since our knees don’t bend the same way forwards and backwards, we can generate far more power on our toe side turns than our heel side. Asymmetrical boards take advantage of this by putting a stronger and more carve-focused edge on the toe side. 

Is this a good freestyle board?

The Proto is definitely an all-mountain board, but one that will absolutely excel in the freestyle game. It may be asymmetrical but its still a twin, so riding or landing switch will not be a problem. Plenty of rocker and a relatively flexible feel makes this a really good choice for someone who spends some time in the park. 

What’s the difference between the Proto Synthesis and the Never Summer West Bound?

While both boards feature ripsaw rocker/camber, but the Never Summer West Bound has a setback shape. If you want a true all-mountain freestyle deck than the Proto Synthesis is a great call, but if you want something a little more freeride-oriented that floats a bit better, go with the West Bound. 

Poplar/Birch Core

Biax Fiberglass + Recluse  Web Carbon Layup

Designed by: Never Summer // Built by: Never Summer, Denver Factory

TLDR: The New Type Two, all mountain free-style perfection, aka the most popular board in snowboarding.


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