Never Summer Heritage Snowboard 2020


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Never Summer Heritage Snowboard 2020


Flex: Stiff // Shape: Twin // Profile: Camber-Rocker-Camber

After being retired in 2015, one of the most versatile and iconic boards in all of snowboarding is back by popular demand. The Never Summer Heritage might not have the wonky shape of most new snowboards out there, but it has them all beat when it comes to good ol’ all-mountain sending. Never Summer’s Original Rocker Camber construction evenly blends camber underfoot with a rockered zone underfoot, same idea as Flying V from Burton or C2 from Lib Tech/Gnu. Typically when you build a board like this there’s some trade-off in performance at speeds and on hardpack, but Never Summer builds this thing with enough torsional rigidity that unless you’re out there on just a complete sheet of ice you’ll still feel stable. Read about enough snowboards on the internet and it’ll seem like every board is equally amazing at everything on the mountain, and while that isn’t true, this classic do-everything legend is just about as close as they come.

Poplar/Birch Core

Biax Fiberglass + Carbon Laminates

Designed by: Never Summer // Built by: Never Summer, Denver Factory

TLDR: A Hall-of-Fame board that actually lives up to the “all-mountain” marketing pitch.

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