Mons Royale Shaun Off 3/4 Base Layer Pant

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Mons Royale Shaun Off 3/4 Base Layer Pant


Base Layer // Merino // Bottom

100% Merino Wool

Did you know MONS is SNOW spelled upside down and backwards? Mons Royale is where you should be starting your kit. Merino next to skin helps keep you dry when you start to sweat. It's naturally anti-microbial meaning you won't stink even when working hard. The Shaun-Off stops just above your calf so you won't have to worry about bunched up base layer inside your ski boot or stretched out cuffs for those who usually roll their pants. First On Last Off - now you you have to, it's written down the side of your pants.

3/4 Length

100% Merino Wool

Relaxed Fit

TLDR: 3/4 Length Merino pant for no stink, no bunch, moisture wicking goodness. 

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