Mons Royale Christy Base Layer Legging // Women's

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Mons Royale Christy Base Layer Legging // Women's


Full Length Legging // 190 Weight Merino  

Merino Wool

Mons Royale is where you should be starting your kit. Merino next to skin helps keep you dry when you start to sweat. It's naturally anti-microbial meaning you won't stink even when working hard. There are endless benefits to Merino Wool but what's most important is that you are going to look gooooood. No more boring black baselayer. Mons Royale is all about fit and function with a little fashion. The Christy legging fits easily under all snowpants with no pesky seems rubbing on your skin. 

No Side Seems

100% Merino Wool

Slim Fit


TLDR: A 100% merino baselayer legging that offers comfort, warmth and breathability for multisport use.

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