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Mons Royale Bella Tech Flex Hood Base Layer // Women's

Mons Royale Bella Tech Flex Hood Base Layer // Women's


Hooded // Merino // High Collar

Merino Wool

Mons Royale is where you should be starting your kit. Merino next to skin helps keep you dry when you start to sweat. It's naturally anti-microbial meaning you won't stink even when working hard. There are endless benefits to Merino Wool but what's most important is that you are going to look gooooood. No more boring black baselayer. Mons Royale is all about fit and function with a little fashion. The Bella Tech Flex Hood offers a little face protection with a under helmet compatible hood. 

Thumb Loops

Long in Back

Slim Fit


TLDR: Just as stylish as it is technical, great baselayer top when your heart rate is up.

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