MarkerMarker Tour F12 EPF Ski Bindings 2018


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Marker Tour F12 EPF Ski Bindings 2018



The Marker Tour F12 EPF Ski Bindings are the ultimate AT Touring ski binding. All of Marker's AT technology is packed into the Tour F12 to ensure the ultimate experience and performance off-trail and through the backcounty. The new Extended Power Frame combined with Marker's AT Hiking Technology, give the Tour F12 the best of both worlds for optimal performance both on and off-trail. Looking to hike into the backcountry and still have enough stability and performance on your decent, well look no further because the Maker Tour F12 EPF Ski Bindings are here!... And they are here to stay.

Extended Power Frame

EPF - Previously only found the on the Marker Duke, this design features a wider base plate that helps to increase power and energy transmission. Making a wider platform ski feel extremely quick edge-to-edge.


Triple Pivot Compact- This toe has a unique design with a horizontally mounted spring for the ultimate energy transfer from boot to binding.

Toe Height Adjustability - The AFD moves with a turn of a screw! This makes adjusting your toe height super quick, easy and safe.


Comfort 2 Heel - For the best possible control while in hike mode, without sacrificing downhill capabilities

Free Ride Brake

Power Width Design

This provides the ultimate power transfer to the edges of the skis, making a wider waist ski feel much quicker edge-to-edge.

Additional Awesomeness

Touring Mode - Located under your boot, this lever allows the bindings to switch from ski to hike with a quick pull. Marker designed the bindings this way to ensure you would never be mistakenly switched into tour mode... Fast, safe and secure!

Climbing Aid - AT Hiking Function that is designed with three different positions. Hiking positions can easily be adjusted with your ski pole.

No-Pull-Out Screws - These screws help secure the bindings on the ski, preventing a worst case scenario situation. 

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