MarkerMarker Duke EPF AT Ski Bindings 2018


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Marker Duke EPF AT Ski Bindings 2018



The Marker Duke EPF is an alpine touring binding that doesn't sacrifice downhill performance at all - a rare trait in AT bindings.   The Duke is for skiers that need the performance of a Jester but want the ability to tour or skin without sacrifcing downhill performance.  The locking mechanism is located underneath the boot and can only be released or engaged when the boot isn't clicked into the binding, so you can ski safely, confidently knowing you're binding will not switch modes.  

Even if you have no intention of using the Duke for skinning or touring the Duke makes sense for skiers that want to get higher off the snow.  The Duke is based off of the Jester but stands 1.5 centimeters higher off the snow (36mm vs. 22mm).  


Triple Pivot Elite and Gliding AFD - This toe has a unique design with a horizontally mounted spring for the ultimate energy transfer from boot to binding.

Toe Height Adjustability - The AFD moves with a turn of a screw! This makes adjusting your toe height super quick, easy and safe.


Inter-Pivot Heel - For superior holding power, optimal power transmission and helps prevent pre-release.

Free Ride Brake

Power Width Design

This provides the ultimate power transfer to the edges of the skis, making a wider waist ski feel much quicker edge-to-edge.

Wider Screw Pattern - The screw pattern was designed to be 10 mm wider. This gives the Duke EPF a powerful more direct transmission. Making your skis feel more responsive than ever!

Additional Awesomeness

Hiking Mechanism - Located under your boot, this lever allows the bindings to switch from ski to hike with a quick pull. Marker designed the bindings this way to ensure you would never be mistakenly switched into tour mode... Fast, safe and secure!

0°/7°/13° Climbing Aid - AT Hiking Function that is designed with three different positions. Hiking positions can easily be adjusted with your ski pole.

Magnesium Components - Lightweight and incredibly strong, these magnesium parts are primed to dominate every hard charging ski run.

No-Pull-Out Screws - These screws help lock the bindings on the ski, preventing a worst case scenario situation. 

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