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Mammut Alvier IN Flex Jacket

Mammut Alvier IN Flex Jacket


Fabric: Polyamide + Elastane // Insulation: 750 Fill Down

This isn’t just the sickest mid-layer from Mammut, this one of the sickest mid-layers we’ve seen in a long time - period. From anybody. It’s all-natural goose down insulated, with full stretch fibers throughout and a slim fit. It’s built using a combination of soft fabric with a fleece brushed back and a fleece collar for comfort and for extra protection from the cold on the most frigid days of the year. Even the pockets are woven directly into the jacket, as opposed to stitches, which allows for more warmth to be retained and helps the jacket maintain its structure for a longer time. Warmth, stretch, comfort, durability, and a slick fit are the ingredients for a winner. 

Slim Fit

2 Pockets

TLDR: The rare down jacket with a slim fit - puffy warmth without puffy fit. 

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