MalojaMaloja BourneM Bib Pants

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Maloja BourneM Bib Pants



Maloja explained to us that the design for this years BourneM Pant was inspired by the style and feel of high-fishing pants. Makes perfect sense, as these pants are designed to endure the maximum amount of wind and water abuse without faltering. While lots of apparel is marketed as freeride or backcountry, with 28,000mm of waterproofness, a fit designed for optimal freedom of motion, and attached avalanche-safety technology, these are pants that you don’t need to hesitate about taking into the real backcountry. 


Relaxed Fit - Looser fit allows for much wider range of motion, and freedom of movement. 


The BourneM Pant is a highly waterproof, highly breathable bib pant. 

Performance Level

GORE-TEX C-KNIT - The king of waterproof fabrics, these pants are waterproof up to 28,000 mm. There’s no alpine activity that’ll even come close to breaching the waterproof capability of this pant. 


No insulation in these pants. 


2 Zip front pockets

1 Zip + velcro thigh pocket

1 Zip Chest Pocket


Ventilation zips on either side

Additional Awesomeness

Wait Width Regulation - A nice and easy system to adjust the waist size. 

Boot Snow Gaiter - Snow gaiters keep snow, water, and dirt from getting up in your boot. 

Beacon Pocket - Strategically placed avalanche pocket that is ensured to not be accidentally pressed by your backpack straps. 

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