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Line Whip Ski Poles



Hit the park hard with these gnarly poles that have been specifically crafted to weather any storm. The shaft is constructed with fiberglass instead of your usual aluminum, and you will be able to feel the difference. Fiberglass can bend up to 3x more than aluminum, so when you're flying through turns you'll aboslutely notice the ease and smoothness the Whip gives you over your standard stick. Where these guys really stand out though, is indeed the park. The super sweet tabs on the top of the pole aren't found in the other Line poles this year and what they do is give you way more freedom of movement with your hands in the air. So when you hit that jump, and are going for a grab, these poles almost do it for you. 


Fiberglass Construction - The Whip is specially deigned out of fiberglass to whip between turns, making it the most durable and flexible pole out there. 


Grab Tab - Grippy rubber 26mm handle to keep your pole secure. 

Set It and Foreget It! - Adjustable Velcro strap. 


60mm basket for awesome park days, and then also comes with an additional 90mm basket for when you feel like getting into it in the deep stuff. 

Addtitional Awesomeness

Tabs on the pole handle to make it easier to grab your skis in the air after hitting a jump. 

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