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Line Vision 108 Skis 2021

Line Vision 108 Skis 2021


r: 19.5 meters @ 183 centimeters // weight: 1605 grams @ 183 centimeters // Rocker-Camber-Rocker

142 -108 - 128

Test Locations: Aspen CO

One day on the Vision 108s and we immediately realized that Line had made a ski that fills a serious gap in the market for freeride skis. That weight measurement you see at the top of the page isn't a typo, this is seriously one of the lightest skis in the entire world - comparable in weight to dedicated touring skis from backcountry-focused brands like Black Diamond and G3. Everybody we talked to at Line though insisted that these weren't just touring skis, and instead belonged in the growing category of hybrid skis that you can tour on and still rip up the resort like a much heavier ski. Line pulls this off with their highly effective THC Construction (see what I did there ...) which is a combination of carbon, fiberglass, and aramid laminates to shave as much weight as possible. This blend decreases the amount of carbon which allows the Vision to remain stable at high speeds, and feel less pingy and fragile than most other skis this light that are full carbon. Honestly these feel a lot like a lighter version of the Enforcer 104 with the same playful and surfy feel on the downhill, but way easier on the legs for the uphill. 


How does the Vision 108 compare to the Ranger 107 and the Ripstick 106?

On paper they're all similar skis but the Vision is going to be the most playful and forgiving (and the lightest) of the three. The Rangers have quite a bit of metal in the ski and feel a lot more directional, which means they'll feel more stable at high speeds and a lot more confident in choppy snow. That being said, the metal adds almost 600g of extra weight per ski, so if you're thinking about long days on the skin track the Vision will fare much better. The Ripsticks are similar in terms of weight, just ~150g heavier per ski, but have a lot less rocker in both the tip and the tail. This will give the Ripsticks more grip, it's a ski that wants to get on edge more, but the Vision will float better and be a more playful ski if you're really more into "smearing" your turns. 

Paulownia/Maple Core

Carbon, Aramid & Fiberglass Laminate

Designed by: Line // Built by: K2, China

TLDR: Not the most powerful ski out there but still skis way better than anything else this light. 

Recommended Binding: The Line Vision 108's do NOT include a binding -- the best skis come flat.

Salomon / Atomic / Armada Shift in a 110mm brake, Dynafit Rotation 12 in a 110mm brake. 

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