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Line Chopstick Ski Poles



The Line Chopsticks are new for this year and feature the best grip in Chinatown, the snake grip.  Formed to perfectly fit your hand with ultra-grippy and cusion rubber, holding your ski poles has never been this comfortable.  The shaft is made of a lightweight composite fiberglass to provide durability and weight reduction, and the two sets of baskets allow you to take these poles from a hardpack groomer day, to the trees on a powder day the next.

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Fiberglass - These poles are durable and lightweight.


Snake Grip – Contoured to fit your hand like a glove.

Set It and Forget It - Adjustable, Velcro strap. 


Comes with two baskets, a 60mm & a 90mm, so you can easily switch based on if you're feeling deep pow or hitting the park. 

Additional Awesomeness

Snake Grip – Unmatched grip thanks to contoured and cusioned rubber that fits your hand perfectly. 

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