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Line Blend Skis 2020

Line Blend Skis 2020


r: 17.4 meters @ 177 centimeters // weight: 1935 grams @ 178 centimeters // Rocker-Camber-Rocker

132 - 100 - 122

So you're saying to yourself that you want a ski that is a blend between a park ski with a symmetric flex that'll be sick for skiing switch but you also want to use the same ski when Mother Nature dumps inches of fresh snow and you wouldn't mind if it carved pretty well too.  Well gentlemen, the answer to your question is the Line Blend a 100mm waisted ski with a little bit of rocker and camber to get it all done for ya.  Blurring the lines between what a good park ski is capable of has been the M.O of the Blend since it's conception.  Because of the symmetrical flex pattern it'll feel like you have more tail to bend when your skiing in the trees -- it'll feel a little plankier.

The Blend is for soft snow, park and the occasional rip down a groomer.  If you're using the Blend in soft snow and park you're going to give it a 5 Star Diamond review.


Aspen Core

Carbon Fiber stringers

Designed by: Line // Built by: K2, China

TLDR: Ski off trail be fully stoked, ski everywhere you'll be stoked.

Recommended Binding: The Line Blends do NOT include a binding, the best never do. 

We recommend a Tyrolia Attack 13 GW with a 110 mm brake.


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