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Lib Tech Wreckreate 100 Skis 2019

Lib Tech Wreckreate 100 Skis 2019


r: 18 meters @ 178 centimeters // weight: 1520 grams @ 171 centimeters // Rocker-Camber-Rocker

137 - 100 - 123

Shredding everything requires measuring in at triple digits on the waist width, Lib's 100 mm waisted Wreckreate is an all mountain machine with rocker in the tip camber under the ol' foot and a healthy dose in the tail so you can cut em loose.  The solid feel underfoot gives you the stability you need when landing in variable snow and acts like a gas pedal when you need to catch the rest of the crew -- that for some reason got ahead.  Wheather or not you have fresh snow or not the Wreckreate's are a ton of fun, slice or shralp you'll be on some nice American made planks.

Beech/Poplar Core


Designed by: Lib Tech // Built by: Lib Tech, Made in USA, near Canada

TLDR: A ski for anything and everything.

Recommended Binding: The Lib Tech Wreckreate 100's do NOT include a binding.

We recommend a Marker Griffon ID with 110 mm brake


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