Lib Tech T-Rice Orca Snowboard 2020

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Lib Tech T-Rice Orca Snowboard 2020


Flex: Stiff // Shape: Directional // Profile: Camber-Rocker-Camber

Test Locations: Stratton VT, Aspen CO, Jackson WY

The killer whale of killer “short-fat” directional freeride boards that seem to be taking over mountains, the Lib Tech T.Rice Orca is a board unlike maybe any other we’ve ridden. This year, Lib Tech has added two new sizes: a 147 and a 159, in addition to the classic 153. If those seem short, don't worry about it. It's got a huge rockered nose so it's going to ride a lot longer, and with a super wide waist width the 153 will still be wide enough for dudes with even the biggest clunkers for feet - taking that short and fat trend to a whole new level. What that means for you is that this thing floats incredibly on even the deepest, deepest powder days because the board is so wide, and the even though the board is short, there’s still plenty of nose. If quick and poppy turns are more your style than long and wide ones, you’ll love the deep sidecut of the Orca that makes it awesome for whipping back in and out of short turns - this thing loves to turn.

The mark of a good backcountry board is how it holds up when the snow isn’t good, and the first time we rode this board was in the afternoon and the two inches of fresh snow that fell the night before was all skied out (Just think your classic New England dust-on-crust day) and the board still held up well enough. It’s above average on groomers and absolutely awesome in deep powder, tight trees, and open bowls. This board really almost looks like a Frankenstein creation on paper, but man it’s a ton of fun. 

Aspen + Paulownia Core

Triax Fiberglass

Designed by: Lib Tech // Built by: Mervin Manufacturing, in the U.S.A. near Canada

TLDR: Already a true backcountry legend. Or as one of our team put it: "The. Sickest. Board. Ever."

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