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Lib Tech Cortado C2 Snowboard 2020 // Women's

Lib Tech Cortado C2 Snowboard 2020 // Women's


Flex: Mid-Flex // Shape: Directional // Profile: Camber-Rocker-Camber

Whether you’re looking for board #1 to get out of the rental game, upgrading your fifteen year old deck from high school, or adding to the already impressive quiver you’re going to be stoked with one of the newest boards out of the Mervin factory, the Cortado. I really hate the classification “all-mountain” because it’s one of those terms that’s so overused it doesn’t really mean anything, but this seriously is one of the most versatile boards out there that will handle a range of conditions really well. It’s not going to be a rockstar in the terrain park but everything else: trees, groomers, fresh snow; it’s gonna handle really well. With a rocker-camber hybrid, the rocker in the center of the board will initiate turns easily and feel nice and easy to handle, while camber underfoot provides the power and grip on hardpack and at speeds. Think of the camber as your espresso shot and the rocker as your warm milk, combine them equally and you’ve got yourself a cortado.

Aspen/Paulownia Core

Triax Fiberglass

Designed by: Mervin Manufacturing // Built by: Mervin, in the U.S.A. near Canada

TLDR: Not the best at any one particular thing, but one of the most versatile boards that you can rip in any and all conditions.

$315.00 Orig. $459.99

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