Leki Spark Lite S Ski Poles


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Leki Spark Lite S Ski Poles


Aluminum Shaft // 16mm Diameter // 249g at 120cm

If you're looking for a new set of poles and you don't wanted to cheap out or go over the top, the Leki Spark Lite S Ski Poles give you a taste of high end without the heavy price tag. Aluminum shaft equipped with Leki's exclusive Trigger System makes this mid range pole feel like a top tier option. The Trigger system allows for vertical release in a crash that will literally save you thumbs in a gnarly fall. Ergonomic grip has the perfect feel around your hand that is easy to grasp without feeling fatigue throughout the day. The Leki Spark Lite Ski Pole had everythng you need without breaking the bank.

Alpine Basket

Trigger S Grip


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