Leki Quantum Ski Poles

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Leki Quantum Ski Poles



The Leki Quantum Ski Pole has a lot of power at a low price. Crafted from Aluminium TS that delivers tons of strength with a fraction of the weight! PA Safety grip provides a comfortable grip, adjustable strap, and most importantly a safety release in case you take a nasty spill. The Leki Quantum Ski Pole will bite, grip, and respond the way you would expect. So if your old ones are about to expire the Quantum will get you back in action at a great price.

Questions on Ski Pole Sizing? Figure out your correct size here!


Aluminum TS - 18 mm Diameter shaft packs lots of power that is lightweight, sturdy, and durable.


PA Safety Soft Grip - Soft-touch grip with easy strap adjustment and safety release.

Lock Security Strap - Reinforced durable strap that can be adjusted.


Racing Basket -  Ideal for racing conditions that can be adjusted or replaced without tools.

Additional Awesomeness

Steel Tip - Super durable tip that penetrates hard snow with ease and has incredible grip in all conditions.

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