Leki Fine S Ski Pole | Women's

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Leki Fine S Ski Pole | Women's



The Leki Fine S Ski Pole is deisgned for women to enhance your skiing experience to the max. Lightweight mixed with a whole bunch of durability drives home the performance you have always wanted. Specially designed grip for smaller hands with the ability to clip the strap in and out with the press of a button. The Vario Strap lets you create the perfect fir around the whole hand rather than just the wrist. Steel Tip with a powerful lightweight Aluminium TS 16mm shaft gives you everything needed. Incredible grip and stability in all types of conditions makes the Leki Fine S Ski Pole a must have for all the ladies out there.

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Aluminum TS - 16 mm Diameter shaft packs lots of power that is lightweight, sturdy, and durable.


Trigger S Compact Grip - A compact design that works great with smaller hands with the ability to clip the strap in and out.

Trigger S Vario Strap - Perfectly cut and indivdually adjustbale to dial in the perfect fit that can be removed easily from the pole as needed.


Cobra Alpine -  Standard alpine basket that works in all conditions.

Additional Awesomeness

Steel Tip - Super durable that penetrates hard snow with ease with incredivle grip in all types of terrain.

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