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Lange XT 110 Freetour Ski Boots 2018

Lange XT 110 Freetour Ski Boots 2018



The boot is Tecnica orange but it's Lange to the core, the XT 110 Freetour is an uphill performer for the skier that goes up to get down.  The shell is made of a Grilamid a lightweight plastic that doesn't have a mushy feel like pebax.  Skiers that are used to how an alpine ski boot performs and reacts tend to be disappointed with Scarpa's and Dynafit boots that are geared more for uphill travel -- the XT 110 Freetour is a great compromise. Lange builds boots for downhill focused people, but some people want a bit easier of a time going up, here ya go.  

Forward Flex / Boot Fit

Flex Index 110 / Boot Last 100 mm - The Lange XT 110 Freetour has a boot last of 100 mm, which is ideal for good skiers that are looking for a high performance snug fit. The flex index of 110 is on the stiffer side of the flex index. This flex rating is awesome for hard charging advanced skiers that are looking for a ski boot that will be able to handle higher speeds.


Ultralon liner (think Intuition) with a composite upper to keep weight down.


4 Micro-Adjustable Extruded Aluminum Buckles

Additional Awesomeness

Pin Inserts - Now you can use your favorite tech binding; Radical ST. 20, Beast 14 or Kingpin to name a few.  

WTR Soles - Rockered soles make walking and hiking much easier and more natural feeling.

Ultra Grip - Is a rubber sole that is perfect for hiking and provides maximum grip on every kind of surface.

Ski/Hike Mode. This mechanism easily switches the boot from ski to hike mode, making short hikes off-trail extremely comfortable.  23 degrees range of motion.

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