Lange Lange SX 100 Ski Boots 2018

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Lange SX 100 Ski Boots 2018



You remember the Lange Blaster 90 that everyone loved, well it got revamped and is now called the Lange SX 100.  It fits and skis better then its predecessor with a more upright stance, which is way better for rockered skis, and a more anatomical fit.  Lange is doing a really good job, to say the least, making ski boots that fit really well and ski even better.  The SX 100 is a ski boot that experts can ski in if they want a softer flexing ski boot or a more plush feeling liner.  We like this boot and we don't say that about many ski boots.

Forward Flex / Boot Fit

The SX 100 has a forward flex of 100 and a boot last of 102 mm.

Control Fit - Lange's shell engineering process that uses a 3D Foot Scanner. This process gives Lange the ability to design and engineer the most accurate and precise fitting ski boots on the market.

102 mm Last - Lange introduces a higher volume shell, ideal for skiers with slightly wider feet that still want a full performance ski boot.


Thermo Fit RL2 Liner - Made with medium density foam pads, this liner maximizes foot hold and increases energy transmission from boot to ski.

Power Wedge Tongue - By wrapping the tongue around the lower leg, it eliminates shin gap which increases control and precision.


4 Micro-Adjustable Aluminum Buckles

Additional Awesomeness

Natural Ski Stance - With Lange's Natural Ski Stance, you stand slightly straighter or more upright in the boots. This helps to decrease fatigue keeping you skiing longer.

Ready for Heating - Molded Thermo Poloyethylene and EVA Foam ankle pads can be heated-up to give the liners a customizable fit.

XL Buckles - Bigger buckles means easier buckling. Boom.

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