Lange LX 90 Ski Boots 2021 // Women's


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Lange LX 90 Ski Boots 2021 // Women's


Flex: 90 // weight: 1870 grams @ 24.5 centimeters // 102 mm last @ 26.5

ISO 5355

The new Lange LX 90 W boot offers a completely new mold for a slightly wider foot. 102mm last increases comfort in the front of the foot without losing responsiveness throughout the boot. A lot of higher volume boots often feel way too comfortable because they're simply too wide. The LX wants you to be comfy and still have maximum control. Built with Dual Core blends two separate plastics for a smooth progressive flex with faster rebound than the competitors. This keeps you in the proper ski position easier and causes less fatigue throughout the foot and shin. Shin Control technology has an anatomical asymmetrical tongue that disperses pressure over a larger surface area when flexed to prevent shin bang. If you are a solid skier, prefer comfort over speed, then get your foot into the Lange LX 90 W ski boots.

Polyurethane Shell + Polyolefin Cuff 

2 Piece Overlap

Designed by: Lange // Built by: Lange, Romania Factory

How's the Fit: A snugger 102mm lasted boot that has plenty of comfort without losing performance.


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