Lacroix Offtracker Skis 2017

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Lacroix Offtracker Skis 2017



The Lacroix Offtracker skis are designed for adventurous skiers seeking a lively, playful ski that will comfortably handle everything. The Offtracker is built with a 90 mm waist and a Freeride Rocker shape. This shape/waist width combo, make the skis super fun and easy to control across a wide-range of terrain and conditions. The rocker tip and tail give a super smooth feeling through soft snow, while the camber underfoot and sandwich structure provide exceptional stability and edge grip. The Lacroix Offtracker Skis are versatile, responsive, easy to maneuver and will exceed the expectations of demanding all-mountain skiers.


LX Sandwich Structure - A slimmer, lighter, bomb-proof construction. Lacroix takes a full wood core and sandwiches it with metal and carbon/kevlar fibers. The metal enclosure construction provides feel, flex and torsional strength that is unrivaled in the ski industry.

LX Straight Sidewall - Lacriox builds their skis with a sandwich vertical sidewall design. This design is the absolute best for transmitting energy to the ski's edges. This gives the skier optimal edge grip on any terrain or snow condition.


LX OCC - Lacroix builds their skis with a full tip-to-tail wood core that is meant to provide the skis with exceptional stability, energy and response.

Titanal, Kevlar, Carbon - Lacroix reinforces the Offtracker with a combination of Titanal, Kevlar and Carbon. These three key components provide incredible stability, responsiveness and a smooth damp ride.


All Mountain Rocker - Lacroix's All Mountain Rocker design features a rockered tip with camber under binding. The tip rocker allows for super smooth turn initiation and seemless edge control, while the camber underfoot gives the skier exceptional edge grip and stability.

Additional Awesomeness

P-Tex Electra Base - This sintered base is charged with particles of graphite to ensure the smoothest, lowest friction gliding base money can buy! 

LX Polyamide Protection - This is a bi-composite surface reinforcement that greatly increases the skis resistance to changes in temperature and expose to UV rays… Maximum durability to ensure extra-long ski life!


The Lacroix Offtracker Skis are equipped with a Salomon system ski binding that is integrated directly onto the skis. These ski bindings are designed to make the ski feel extremely quick edge-to-edge and provide maximum power transfer out of every turn. The Offtracker skis do not come mounted, if you have any questions on mounting please contact an expert at

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