K2 Virtue Ski Helmet // Women's

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K2 Virtue Ski Helmet // Women's


Adjustable Vents // No MIPS // Adjustable Fit

High-line-skiing is preached and practiced by the most pow slayin-est women in the sport, and the K2 Virtue Ski Helmet uses a pairing of proven construction techniques to let you do it as safely and comfortably as possible. Hybrid shell construction maximizes the benefits of both hard shell and in-mold construction. The in-mold process eliminates the need for glue between the shell and impact foam, saving considerable weight and permitting more efficient venting than full hard shells. Atop the in-mold shell, strategically positioned 2-3mm thick hard shell plastic fortifies the impact protection. As well as the K2 Virtue ski helmet protects you in the case of a fall, you wouldn’t wear it if it didn’t fit. With that in mind K2 pairs this hybrid constructed shell and impact foam with an ultra cozy, machine washable next-to-skin foam lining - finally! Reach for the rear-located fit dial and get a custom feel with just a simple righty tighty turn. Active matrix venting means vents that you can close when its cold and open when it’s not, pretty sweet, and K2’s baseline audio system comes built right in to the Virtue helmet. Use it, don’t use it - options are nice.

Hybrid Construction

Weight: 450g

Audio Compatible

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