K2 Simple Pleasures Snowboard 2019

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K2 Simple Pleasures Snowboard 2019


Flex: Stiff // Shape: Directional // Profile: Rocker-Camber

Stepping on the new K2 Simple Pleasures for the very first time is like slicing a knife through butter. Everything in this board is designed to have you riding smoother than you ever have before. The bamboo core gives it a ton of snap and power, at a fraction of the weight of some other woods - basically it's just about the best kind of core you could use to build a snowboard without spending over $1000. Like other setback directional boards, the elongated nose of the Simple Pleasures will float above the powder to give you a smooth sailing ride through the pow. Don’t be fooled by its shape though, this board is loaded up with camber, giving you a powerful edge hold that absolutely rips down the mountain. While its shape gives it a great powder ride, the Simple Pleasures is always ready for the simple pleasure of crushing a groomer. All that camber gives it the power, while the relaxed turn initiation and lighter weight will allow you to fly down the mountain without ever even feeling like you’re pushing it over the limit.  

Bamboo Core

Biax Fiberglass

Designed by: K2 Snowboards // Built by: K2 Sports, China Factory

TLDR: Boards this snappy and playful shouldn't be able to carve and hold an edge this well, but this one does. 

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