K2 Raygun Snowboard 2020

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K2 Raygun Snowboard 2020


Flex: Soft Flex // Shape: Directional // Profile Rocker-Flat-Rocker

You're not a pro but you want something that can rip all over the mountain and you want it for under $400. No big deal, K2 made the Raygun just for you. It's won Good Wood awards from Transworld and gets our stamp of approval so you can buy it knowing that the board is sick! The Raygun is on the more forgiving side which makes it really great for snowboarders that want to be better, no matter what part of the mountain it is. Awesome board for having fun cruising blues but can also hang if you want to get gnarly on a family trip out west or in the park. The Raygun is a sweet board, now all you need is boots and bindings, right?

I’ve never owned a board before, is the K2 Raygun a good place to start?

For sure. The forgiving feel of the deck is really great for riders not looking for anything that’s going to put them on the ground, and it’s not going to push processing rider too hard. That being said, there’s still enough in this board that you won’t feel like you need to replace it next season when you’re a bonafide shredder. 

Been snowboarding for a few years, but am looking for something that won’t break the bank. Can I still have fun on this board?

Absolutely. The Raygun is for folks who want to get better, but more experienced riders that spend most of their time cruising blues will love it too! If you’re someone who likes to go full send down blacks though, a board with some camber might be better. If you’re trying to save on Benjamins, checking out the snowboard outlet is never a bad idea.

Aspen Core

Carbon-Infused Fiberglass

Designed by: K2 Snowboarding // Built by: K2 Sports, China Factory

TLDR: First board? This is what you need. 

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