K2 Mindbender 130 Ski Boots 2021


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K2 Mindbender 130 Ski Boots 2021


Flex: 130 // weight: 1700 grams @ 26.5 centimeters // 98 mm last @ 26.5

Gripwalk // Tech Inserts

Last March we flew out to do some heli-skiing with K2 in the North Cascades, one thing you should remember on a trip like that is your own boots -- I didn't. Learning that upon landing, I was able to snag a pair of Mindbender 130's at the K2 office, 26.5 for those wondering.  Booting up in the parking lot at Steven's Pass I was ready to be in a bit of pain.  Threw em in walk mode and walked across the parking lot to the chair, this is when ski boots that haven't been worked on typically start to kill my right foot.  My feet were ok, they felt honestly really pretty good for not having anything molded.  

TPU Shell + Pebax Cuff

2 Piece Overlap

Designed by: K2 // Built by: Dalbello, Italy

Binding Compatabilty: Gripwalk compatible bindings, Tech Inserts

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