K2 Mindbender 120 Ski Boots 2021


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K2 Mindbender 120 Ski Boots 2021


Flex: 120 // weight: 1675 grams @ 26.5 centimeters // 98 mm last @ 26.5

Gripwalk // Tech Inserts

First things first about the Mindbenders, these aren't anything like the old K2 Pinnacle boots, which, no disrespect to K2, is a good thing. These actually fit really well and despite how light the plastic is, you'll be surprised by how well they ski too. For being significantly lighter than a Tecnica Cochise or Nordica Strider they are just as capable on the downhill thanks to the new plastics that K2 is using in the construction. Now for the part that makes or breaks, the fit: The published last is 98mm but that's mosty marketing, it's snug around the heel, but fits more like a 100mm last in the forefoot. There's a lot of room on the top of the foot and the instep, and the plastic is pretty easy to manipulate as well. Overall it will be roomier than an Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD or Head Kore, but snugger than a Cochise or Lange XT Free. I've spent the last two seasons in a Fischer Ranger Free 130 and the Mindbender fits pretty similarly. 

TPU Shell + Pebax Cuff

2 Piece Overlap

Designed by: K2 // Built by: Dalbello, Italy

Binding Compatabilty: Gripwalk compatible bindings, Tech Inserts

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