K2 Maysis Clicker X HB Bundle 2021


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K2 Maysis Clicker X HB Bundle 2021


Flex: Stiff // Lacing: H4 Boa Coiler w/ Boa Conda Liner Lacing // Liner: Intuition Control Foam 3D

Test Locations: Pico VT, Waterville Valley NH

Maysis Boot: A longtime staple in the K2 Boot lineup, the Maysis is a go to for riders of all types and styles because of its responsive feel and incredible fit. The feature that makes the Maysis stand out from others is the Conda Liner lacing, a Boa controlled tightening system that snugs the liner up around your foot wrapping it perfectly. With so many different foot shapes and fit preferences out there, the Conda Lacing makes this boot one works for just about anyone. For the Clicker X HB Bundle, the toe and heel mount points that connect to the binding sit flush with the outsole and are placed perfectly to make stepping in and out easy while a power strap helps provide extra support up top that a typical ankle strap would have. The famed Maysis hasn't gone anywhere, but now you have the option to click that masterpiece into a state of the art binding package that is seriously cool, read on.  

Flex: Medium // Chassis: GF Nylon w/ Adjustable Aluminum Heelcup // Compatibility: 2x4 & 4x4

Clicker X HB Binding: We know the K2 Clicker setup that has been around for 20 years plus is loved by some and hated by more, this is different. While the concept is slightly similar...connecting your boot to binding under foot using a metal toe and heel mount, the integration of a performance highback and the way the entire interface works as a unit is what makes the Clicker X HB very different. And to be clear, by very different we mean this binding is really really good. Clicking into the binding is quick and easy, toe first then heel, once clicked in a turn of the lock and you're good to go. Getting out is the same in reverse. The Aluminum heel cup is adjustable to fit your boot perfectly and adjusting the forward lean is completely tool-less and really easy to do. Techy stuff aside this binding feels as secure and responsive as your performance medium-stiff bindings, think Lien AT or Cartel X, but delivers a different riding experience that we found to vary depending on the board we had them on. On the stiffer charging boards they felt more powerful and quick, but on softer pow-oriented boards they were able to be ridden in a looser more surfy way. Regardless of the board these things felt awesome.     

FAQ: How does this compare to the similarly priced Burton Photon Step On Bundle?

Saying one of these packages is better or worse than the other wouldn't be accurate, the fact of the matter is they are both rock solid systems that are just a little different. The main difference is in the fit of the boots, Burton boots tend to fit a bit narrower and more precise through the heel and ankle where a boot like the Maysis can accomodate more foot shapes. With that being said, if you have a fairly normal foot shape or even a touch on the narrower side, the Conda Liner lacing in the Maysis will help ensure a snug fit. In terms of functionality getting out of the bindings is really about the same. To get in to each binding however, the Step On has you step in with your heel first and then your toes while the Clicker X HB is the opposite being toe cleat followed by heel cleat, overall the Step On feels slightly more natural to get into but after a couple times the K2 was super easy as well. Overall, they both function and perform amazing, the big difference comes down to how the boots fit, consider your foot shape and your preferences to get the right fit.

Tool-less Forward Lean Adjustment

SpaceHeater Footbed

Designed By: K2 Snowboarding // Built By: K2, China Factory

TLDR: A no bullsh*t package that delivers the same performance you get from high end boots and bindings with a new level of convenience that is impossible to ignore.

*This product is sold as a package. The appropriate size binding will be included with your purchase.*

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