K2 Lien AT Snowboard Bindings 2021


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K2 Lien AT Snowboard Bindings 2021


Flex: Stiff // Chassis: Plastic Composite // Compatibility: 2x4, 4x4, The Channel

Powering through all types of terrain is always a highlight when on snow. The K2 Lien AT Snowboard Bindings get the job down no matter where you find yourself. Built for power with a featherless feel redefines the connection between performance and lightweight. The AT Opti Highback is unique on how power is transferred from you to the board. Most highbacks have a forward lean adjustment that makes minimal contact to the heel cup...you know that little tab on the back that can move up and down. In this case the highback makes FULL contact throughout the heelcup for incredible control. More control, more responsiveness, and more power is K2's gift to you. The adjustable Tripod Chasis creates 3 points of contact with the binding and the board. Less contact provides a natural flex and absorbs a ton of vibration when speed is involved. You can swap between soft pods, medium pods, to dense for dailing in the perfect fit. 100% tooless adjsutability, lightweight, and built to handle a heavy load make K2 Lien At Snowboard Bindings legit.

Tripod Chassis System

3° Canted Footbeds

Designed by: K2 Snowboards // Built by: K2 Sports, China Factory

TLDR: You need a stiffer binding but you don't want all of the added weight and bulk that traditionaly comes with it. 

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