K2 Konic 75 Skis 2019

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K2 Konic 75 Skis 2019



The K2 Konic 75 is your way out of the rental rat race. You’ve done the math on equipment rentals, and it’s no longer adding up. At around 5 ski days a year, for the same money, you could replace your Konic 75’s every other season. Fresh corduroy turns are available every day, and those who rise early, and fly direct from the parking lot to the chairlift make the most of em. Every one of us skiers dilly dally’s around the house a few mornings a year, rolling up to an overflow parking lot around 10:30 and snagging a java and breakfast sandwich before even considering getting the boots buckled. This is an option that we are all pleased to exercise on the occasional mid season groomer day, after a late night. Fresh snow, however, elicits something primal in the heart of the avid skier. It’s what the sport is all about, it’s what gets us through the summer months, and it doesn’t last all day. This season, when 8-12” falls overnight, will you be drinking your coffee in the lift line, at 8am on a fresh pair of your own planks? Or will you be at the rental shop, blood boiling, sweating your overdressed a$$ off, waiting for some 16 year old girl to measure your stinky feet. Best part - it’s up to you.


Cap Construction - This construction prioritizes keeping the weight of the ski to a minimum. In doing so, Cap increases maneuverability in variable conditions and crud.


K2 Konic Technology - By distributing the meat of the wood core material along the edges of the skis, the Konic 75’s give you reliable grip on ice, and a stable at speed.


Catch-Free Rocker - Early rise in the tip of the ski simplifies edging by promoting turn initiation at a more shallow edge angle, and keeps you up on top of crud, spring mash, and of course pow. The Konic 75's tails come around easy, and early its rise tips provide the versatility to conquer any trail.

Additional Awesomeness

Camber - Moderate Camber under foot earns the Konic 75’s the East coast hard pack stamp of approval.


Marker M2 10 - This system binding is integrated directly into the K2 Konic 75. These bindings are designed to minimize fatigue by providing a leverage advantage. They have a din range of 3-10. The K2 Konic 75 skis do not come mounted, if you have any questions on mounting please contact an expert at TheSkiMonster.com.

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