K2 SnowboardsK2 Hurrithane Snowboard Bindings 2017

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K2 Hurrithane Snowboard Bindings 2017



If the first thing you do when you pick up a snowboard binding is twist the highback to check it's tweak-ability, than you're going to be really stoked on the K2 Hurrithane Snowboard Bindings. What makes the K2 Hurrithane awesome is you get a buttery feeling high back that is awesome for tweaking grabs, butters, presses and all that, BUT it's stiff when you flex it straight back so you still get an awesome response. Do everything you want in the park without putting all-mountain performance out the window with the K2 Hurrithane Bindings. Mount it on to your set up and shred.


Pro-Fusion GF - A glass filled nylon chassis that gives the bindings response and all-mountain control.

Multi-Position Ankle Strap Mount - Helps to get your ankle strap dialed-in for maximum control.

On-board power ramp adjustment - Get your ramp angle dialed in, for maximum response and control.

On-board toe strap mount position - Toe strap uncomfortable? Change it's position ya' turkey! For your health!


Tweekback FS - A urethane based high back gives the Hurrithane a freestyle flex pattern, ideal for pressing, buttering and tweaking your way down the mountain.

AIRLOCK - Smooth as butter, strong as bull and light as a feather... K2 is claiming their AIRLOCK technology to be the lightest weight, high performing highback on the market. Lets put it to the test!


Ankle - Custom Caddi - A durable, comfortable ankle strap that gives you the cushy feel without sacrificing performance.

Toe - Tool-Less Universal - Whether you prefer to strap-in across the top of your boot or over the toe, this strap has go you covered. Lightweight, secure and easily adjustable… what more do you need?


Mega RADchet - Easy-in, easy-out… An aluminum ratchet provides durability, while the smoothness gives you quick tightening and release.

EZ Feed Housing - Designed with a wider ladder opening, for super quick and easy entry!


Canted Footbed - Helps to properly align your knees and ankles, for a more natural stance in the bindings. This gives you increased control and energy, as well as reducing leg and foot fatigue.

Seamless EVA - Adds comfort and reduces snow build up.

Additional Awesomeness

Harshmellow - K2's dampening system reduces snow vibrations and absorbs impacts from hard landings. Located under the bindings chassis, Harshmellow is guaranteed to give you a smoother more comfortable ride!

Hinge Mount - A hinge is located on the ankle strap providing a super easy entry and exit system.

Universal Disc - This universal disc will mount on a 4-hole pattern, as well as Burton's silly channel system.

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