K2 Boundary Snowboard Boots 2021


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K2 Boundary Snowboard Boots 2021


Flex: Medium // Lacing: H4/M3 Zonal BOA

If you're looking for the mid flex boot without sacrificing the goodies on the inside, the K2 Boundary Snowboard Boots are here for you. You get the awesome Intuition liner for the best fit and an upper and lower Boa lacing system for under $300. It even has the new H4/M3 Boa coilers that are improved with a break awy function that makes them nearly indestructable. Mid flex boots gets you dialed in for the park, playful days, but still feels good at speed. New outsole with Harshmellow technology is the ultiamate in vibration absorption and reducing foot fatigue. If you want the feeling of a top of the line boot without having to drop the loot, the K2 Boundary is impresses from top to bottom.


What's the difference between the Boundary and the Maysis?

The K2 Maysis has the Conda lacing system, which means the frontal Boa handles all the exterior lacing, while the side Boa handles the Conda system on the inside that adds additional heel lock. The K2 Boundary has Dual Boa as well, but the frontal Boa laces around the calf/shin and the side Boa laces around the lower foot.

Which is better for me?

If you have a proportionate foot the K2 Maysis will feel great with some added heel lock. If you have a wide foot and narrow calf (or vice versa), the K2 Boundary will provide a better overall fit.

Intuition Control Foam 3D Liner

Premium Rubber Outsole w/ Harshmellow

Designed by: K2 Snowboards // Built by K2, China

TLDR: The Zonal BOA conterpart to the Maysis. Upper and lower lacing is seperate for the perfect fit.

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