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K2 BFC 95 W Ski Boots 2024 // Women's

Easy to put on, easy to take off, solid performance for an average skier and enough comfort to keep you comfortable all day on the hill. The walk mode on the back of the boot makes cruising around the resort a breeze. Bonus points for some fun colors on this boot. You gotta look like a good skier to be a good skier.


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Wide feet rejoice. A comfortable boot for skiers who don't want to be crammed in a ski boot all day.


The K2 BFC 95 is arguably the most comfortable ski boot money can buy. It's a high volume boot built for wider than average feet and skiers who prioritize keeping their feet warm and happy through out the course of the ski day. For a boot that offers such a generous fit doesn't mean it can perform well. A decently responsive 95 flex allows for good power transfer from boot to ski and these boots are worlds better than a rental boot as far as performance goes. The K2 BFC 95 also has a walk mode (aprés mode) that allows the upper cuff to be realeased from the lower shell and then you can cruise around the bar, lodge, resort unincumbered by your ski boots. If you're a begginer or progressing intermediate skier looking for an upgrade from rentals and you have wider feet the K2 BFC 95 could be your boot. 

Bootfitter's notes:

Just because this is a comfort oriented boot doen't mean this is the boot for you. The K2 BFC is a high volume boot with a generous fit. The K2 BFC 95 is one of the best for wider than average feet. A generous 103mm last combined with a plush liner and thin shells make this one of the more forgiving fits on the market. The BFC is also one of the easiest boots to modify if you have more sensitive areas on your feet. Ankle and heel area of the boots are soft but if you're in the right length boot you'll be held in more than well enough to keep your feet secure in the boot. Instep is true for a high volume boot. The K2 BFC is also forgiving at the top of the boot to keep your calves happy all day. 


Tech Specs

  • Weight/ 1940 g per boot @ 26.5
  • Liner/ Cushfit heat moldable liner
  • Boot Sole/ Gripwalk
  • Designed By/ K2
  • Last/ 103 mm @ 26.5
  • Cuff Style/ 2 Piece Overlap
  • Shell Materials/ PU
  • Built By/ Dalbello

Ski boots don't need to be painful. If you've struggled finding a boot that is comfortable or wide enough to keep your feet happy the K2 BFC 95 is here to save the day. A soft liner combined with easy on and off makes this one of our more popular boots for comfort oriented skiers.

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