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Jones Mind Expander Snowboard 2022

Jones Mind Expander Snowboard 2022


Flex: Medium // Shape: Directional // Profile: Rocker-Flat

The Jones Mind Expander Snowboard simply exceeds expectations. Chris Christenson and Jeremy Jones created a shape and profile that inspires a new style of shredding. Surf rocker that transitions into flat underfoot makes the Mind Expander super fun in a variety of conditions. The Rocker profile punishes crud, floats in soft snow, and plows through anything that gets in your way. That rocker nose is awesome when snow conditions start to deteriorate. We have tested a lot of boards and the Mind Expander is so easy to lay over. On edge you feel connected, locked in, and confident....the heelside carves might be the deepest we have encountered. It sounds crazy, a board with no camber somehow carves great? It does and it feels awesome when in action. The Carve Pack mount inserts tells you where to mount for canyon carving depth, then with the spin of a screwdriver you can convert this into a tree shredding monster. The Jones Mind Expander Snowboard is a carving off-piste beast that's a must have for any collection.


Paulownia + Bamboo Core (FSC Bamboo Surf Core)

Biax Fiberglass

Designed by: Jones Snowboards // Built by: Solico Winter Sport Factory, Dubai UAE

TLDR: Looks like a pow board, which shreds like a carver and can still crush the tree line.

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