HydraPak Shape Shift 3L


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HydraPak Shape Shift 3L


Slide Top // Quick Detach Hose // Reversable For Cleaning

You can stow 3 liters of water when you have the Hydrapak Shape Shift 3L. Throw it in your pack for the next ski tour or hike and stay hydrated. Hydrapak has a patented slider top that makes filling and cleaning very simple. Their Plug-N-Play system makes it easy to detach the drink tube. You might even want to upgrade to their Arctic Fusion tube for colder winter missions. The Shape Shift gets its name from its ziplock style center baffle inside the reservoir. When zipped together it takes the volume down to 2.5L, keeps the profile low, and keeps the water from sloshing around. When you detach the hose and zip off the top its super easy to turn the shape shift inside out for cleaning. Its even cleared for the top rack of the dishwasher.

Easy to Clean

36" Tube with On/Off Valve

Plug-N-Play = Hose comes off fast

BPA & PVC Free


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