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Hot Chillys Micro Elite Crew Neck // Women's

Hot Chillys Micro Elite Crew Neck // Women's



Hot Chillys have always been a super popular base layer, and it's one of our favorites because of how well it fits, performs and lasts.  Even though the Micro-Elite is the most popular, a lot of people are just familar with the La Montana which is thicker like a fleece and super warm.  The Micro-Elite is better for active skiers that are focusing more on regulating temperature not just being warm.  It's snug 4-way stretch fabric feels comfortable and doesn't look or feel uncomfortably snug.  The crew neck doesn't get bunched up like a lot of 1/4 zip base layers do, and it's extra long tail makes layering a breeze.  

We use Hot Chillys too.


Body Fit - The more contact that your base layer makes with your skin, the more effective it will be at retaining body heat, and managing moisture.


Synthetic blend of Polyester and Spandex.

Hot Chillys' MTF or Moisture Tranfer Fibers move sweat away from the skin, in turn you stay warm, dry and comfortable.

Bio-Silver - By adding fabric with similar qualities to silver the Micro-Elite Chamois is more odor resistant than merino base layers options. 

4-way Stretch - With a strechier fabric it cuts down on bulk, performs better and doesn't hinder range of motion.


Midweight synthetic base layer with UV protection.


On Hot Chillys' warmth scale the Micro-Elite is an 8 out of 10.  The La Montana is the warmest in the line at a warmth rating of 10.  

Additional Awesomeness

The back of the shirt hangs a little bit lower to make layering easier.  Ya know how some base layers ride up and expose your back, the Micro-Elite doesn't do that, you'll be much happier while skiing or sitting on a cold stopped chairlift.

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