Hestra Morrison Pro Model 3-Finger Glove

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Hestra Morrison Pro Model 3-Finger Glove


Cuff Style: Under // Waterproof: Yes // Finger Stalls: No 

Seth Morrison throws his stamp of approval on these super sick lobster claws from Hestra. One of the sturdiest gloves you’ll find on the market, the construction uses two different types of leathers combined with foam padding in the knuckles to give you a high-quality, durable beast of a glove. The three finger style is awesome and if you haven’t gotten your first pair of three-finger gloves yet I suggest you get on board. Having your pointer finger separated gives you more dexterity and tricks your brain into thinking you have the versatility of a glove, but you still get the warmth in the pocket of a mitten. Pretty cool. Waterproof and breathable with CZone inserts and warmer than your living room when the fire’s roaring, this may be the ultimate three-finger mitt for 2018. Don’t believe us, just ask Seth. 

Thermolite Insulation

CZone Waterproofing

Padded Knuckles & Fingers

TLDR: Pro level warmth and protection packed into a really well-fitting 3-finger glove.

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