Head Vector RS 90 W Ski Boots 2019 // Women's

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Head Vector RS 90 W Ski Boots 2019 // Women's


Flex: 90 // weight: 1750 grams @ 26.5 centimeters // 98 mm last @ 26.5

ISO 5355

Head's Vector RS 90w is a bit plusher feeling in the heel of the boot than most 98 mm lasted ski boots, especially the X Max 90 or Ultra 95w.  The Vector RS 90w is a forgiving 90 flex boot with an easy to put on shell and liner -- no more fighting with boots in the parking lot or lodge.  The cozy yet capable 90 flex Vector RS is able to turn most skis you'd be able to get your hands on. 

Polyurethane Shell + Polyurethane Cuff 

2 Piece Overlap

Designed by: Head // Built by: Head, Romania Factory

How's the Fit: Feels less constricting than other 98 mm boots, forgiving through the forefoot while providing even pressure throughout the foot.

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