Head Nexo LYT 120 Ski Boots 2020

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Head Nexo LYT 120 Ski Boots 2020


Flex: 120 // weight: 1520g @ 26.5 centimeters // 100mm last @ 26.5 cm

ISO 5355 // GripWalk Available

Lightweight backcountry/downhill hybrid boots have taken over the industry in the last couple years, but Head has truly changed the game with what is really the first lightweight, stiff-flexing downhill boot. The plastic Head uses in these boots they’ve dubbed “Grillflex,” and it’s got more in common with Grilamid plastics typically seen in backcountry boots than with traditional Polyurethane. As a result, these are by far the lightest true downhill boots out there, and they feel snappier than your classic PU boots too; and before you say anything, this doesn’t come at a compromise of the flex because Head uses a super high-tech form of carbon called Graphene that you can’t find in any other boots. So apart from space-age technology, what else do these bring to the table? They’re definitely a more precise fitting 100mm last, similar to a Lange RX in the forefoot and narrower feeling than a Mach1 or an S/Pro. If you’ve tried on the Head Kore boot the fit is very very similar, the boots are essentially twins, with the Nexo LYT just being the alpine version.


What's the difference between the Nexo Lyt RS and the Nexo Lyt?

Width. The boots are the exact same construction and materials: same foam, plastics, etc. The RS boots will just be narrower throughout and the foot and more snug around the heel, the Nexo Lyts will be a little more forgiving on the sides of the foot. Both are pretty true to their published widths of 98mm and 100mm, respectively. 

Polyurethane/Graphene Shell + Polyurethane/Graphene Cuff

2 Piece Overlap

Designed by: Head // Built by: Head, Czech Republic

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