Head Kore 93 Skis 2020 // Women's

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Head Kore 93 Skis 2020 // Women's


r: 15 meters @ 171 centimeters // weight: 1390g @ 162 cm // Rocker-Camber-Rocker


It’s a couple years late, but the much-hyped Kore series from Head is introducing a women’s lineup for 2019-20. There’s the slightly wider Kore 99 and then this one, in every New England skiers favorite waist width, 93mm (The actual width of the ski is 91mm but it’s called the Kore 93 because #marketing). The big selling point on the Kore series up until this point has been Head’s “Super Light Design.” What that actually means is that Head uses a combination of some pretty high-tech materials that you’ve probably never heard of to construct a ski that feels stiff and stable at speeds, but because there’s no metal it’s actually significantly lighter than other skis that feel this solid. Weight-wise it’s comparable to a Blizzard Black Pearl, but with less chatter at speeds. Yea, that sounds good to us too. If you’re thinking about getting into alpine touring and wanted to use this as an entry-level touring ski, you’re not crazy, either.

Karuba Core

Carbon + Koroyd + Graphene

Designed by: Head // Built by: Head, Czech Republic

TLDR: Lighter weight ski that can still absolutely rip when you want it to.

Recommended Binding: The Head Kore 93’s do Not include a binding - the best never do.

We recommend the Tyrolia Attack 12 or the Salomon Shift

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