Head Kore 105 Skis 2020

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Head Kore 105 Skis 2020


r: 17.8 meters @ 180 centimeters // weight: 1750 grams @ 180 centimeters // Rocker-Camber-Rocker

135 - 105 - 125

Test Locations: Big Sky MT, Stowe VT.

When we arrived in Big Sky for a week of testing skis, the highly anticipated Kore series was something we were eager to get on.  Most of us here ski a 100 mm + waisted ski for our everyday so the Kore 105 is right in our wheel house.  Grabbing a ski off the rack, especially from a race heritage brand like Head, you expect a certain weight, grabbing the Kore 105 was kinda like grabbing an empty beer by accident when you were just drinking a full 16 oz.  The other thing about light skis, when you’ve been testing skis for a while and you thoroughly enjoy charging, is they normally suck – yea light skis aren’t that sweet for charging.  Welp, the Kore 105 is pretty effing awesome, replacing the Collective 105 which was a clunkier less nimble version of the Kore 105 – new ski is most certainly an upgrade.

The majority of time we’ve spent on the Head Kore 105 has been off the tram at Big Sky and doing Challenger Laps, which consists of steep chutes, cornices and a bit of pow – Big Sky Chalk of course. The Kore 105’s ate it all up, with out feeling heavy, a feat that itsn’t easily accomplished.  It really skis like a lighter version of the Kastle BMX 105, not quite as powerful, just easier. 

If being on the burliest, stiffest, hardest to ski plank is for you, the Kore 105 is not – it’s for those that want a leg up.



Designed by: Head // Built by: Head, Czech Republic Factory

TLDR: Ski off trail have a blast, have a good enough time on the groomers and still be able to hang with the best of em.

Recommended Binding: The Head Kore 106's do NOT include a binding -- the best skis come flat. We recommend the Tyrolia Attack 13 GW with 110 mm brake.

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