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Giro Nine Ski Helmet

Giro Nine Ski Helmet


Adjustable Vents // No MIPS // Adjustable Fit System

No one can really figure out why Giro lets the Nine Ski Helmet go for only $100, but what matters is that they do, and that you are only a few clicks away from having one shipped to your house…for free. In-Mold Construction is a Giro technology which is indicative of the care that is taken throughout their manufacturing process. The In-Mold process results in a Helmet shell and liner which are created together, rather than being molded separately and glued together. This is the type of craftsmanship we have come to expect from Giro. The In Form Fit System, including the Vertical Tuning feature provides the micro-adjustability you need for a money fit. Thermostat Control Vent System keeps you comfy in any temperature conditions, and the Stack Vent contributes as much to keeping your goggles fog free as anything ever has.

In-Mold Construction

Audio Compatible

Removable Ear Pieces

TLDR: The best fitting hundred dollar helmet out there. 

Crikey!!! Looks like we’re sold out.

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