Giro Index OTG Goggles


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Giro Index OTG Goggles


One Lens // Fit Size: Medium // OTG Compatible: Yes

The Giro Index Goggles have all the awesome features and capabilities that would come from any other similarly priced Giro goggle, but are designed to be worn over a pair of glasses. Cutouts in the foam around the temples allow for extra space to fit glasses underneath the goggles. If you’ve got super-wide framed hipster specs they aren’t going to fit but your average pair of medium-profile glasses will have plenty of room. Apart from the fit, the goggle comes with an anti-fog coating and a cylindrical lens that contours the mountain well in both bright and low-light settings.

Anti-Fog Coating

Cylindrical Thermoformed Lens

TLDR: A standard, no-frills goggle specifically designed to be worn over glasses.

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