Giro Avera MIPS Ski Helmet // Women's


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Giro Avera MIPS Ski Helmet // Women's


Adjustable Vents // MIPS // Adjustable Fit System

Finding a helmet that is fully functional and protective without breaking the bank can seem like a daunting task just from the sheer number of manufacturers and models of helmets that are out there, but honestly it'll all boil down to a couple simple things: keeping you safe, feeling comfortable, and having a couple technical features that make your life a little bit easier. The Giro Avera comes with MIPS, which at this point is the direction all helmets - ski, bike, you name it - are going because it  helps to reduce the risk of getting a concussion. Giro uses what they call "In-Mold Construction" which, in addition to being a safer construction, makes the fit a little bit more comfortable and natural feeling on your head. Finally, there's nothing too fancy feature-wise here, but you get a venting system and an adjustable boa on the back to dial in the fit which is honestly all you really need. Sister helmet to the Neo, this is the same construction with some updates for us ladies, silky panel in the liner to protect your hair and some super soft ear-pads. Plus, the colors are more fun.

In-Mold Construction

Fixed Ear-pads

Audio Compatible

TLDR: Nothing fancy, just a helmet that'll keep all the bases covered and your head safe. 

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