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Giro Article Goggles


Lens Technology: VIVID by Zeiss

Medium Frame // Toric // Interchangeable Lenses

The Giro Article is for those who want the freedom to choose lenses but don't plan on changing them every single time they ride. This more cost friendly medium semi-frameless goggle is still loaded with technology like EVAK Vent Technology, enabling increased moisture management and vent foam durability. You still get two included VIVID lenses by ZEISS which are designed to maximize your peripheral vision in every direction. The lenses can be changed with the slash-seal system that works similar to a zip lock bag. Not as fast changing as it's it's more premium siblings like the Contact and Contour, but you still won't be stuck on a cloudy day without an amazing low light lens. Triple Layer face foam uses a density gradient to maximize fit, feel, and durability. Carl Zeiss Lenses use 150 years of manufacturing experience to create a lens that is free from distortion, and super scratch resistant.


Medium Frame - This frame maximizes your field of vision

Triple Layer Face Foam - A durable foam layer delivers a long lasting connection to the goggle frame. The middle layer is designed to match the individual contour of your face, creating a precision fit, while a luxuriously soft contact layer keeps you ultra comfy.


Toric VIVID Lens by Zeiss - The enduring clarity and scratch resistance of Zeiss lenses are products of 150 years of lens making, and rigorous quality control testing. Spherical lenses are used in precision optics because they replicate the shape of the eye. The increased interior volume created by the spherical shape minimizes goggle fog.

Additional VIVID LensAn included VIVID infrared low light lens illuminates terrain in overcast conditions.

Slash Seal Seam - Lining up the nose first, slash seal your lens in place when you need to go from clouds to sun and back again. 


Silicone Backed Wide Strap - A goggle strap should do two things: stay in place, and provide enough range for both helmet and hat compatibility. Check and… check.

Additional Awesomeness

EVAK Vent Technology – Increases moisture management and vent foam durability.

Protective Goggle and Lens Case

Expansion View Technology - By strategically implementing frameless zones, Giro has not only maximized the field of view in their spherical lenses, but also permitted flawless integration with just about any helmet there is.

Anti Fog Coating

Microfiber Lens Cleaning Bag


TLDR: Medium, semi frameless, all you need goggle with two amazing lenses. 

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