Gilson Limited Edition Boston Red Sox Snowboard 2021

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Gilson Limited Edition Boston Red Sox Snowboard 2021


r: 8.16m @ 155 centimeters // weight: 8 Fenway Franks // 10mm Camber

Width Profile: 293-251-293

Test Locations: Fenway Park, Evah Heard of It?

Meet the Gilson Red Sox Board. If ya want a be a better boarder than your brotha Jonny, ya need a Gilson. This thing rips up the mountain with ease and looks awesome leaned up next to your Ford F-150 in the pahking lot while you crush brews at the end of a half day on the mountain. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, this snowboard hits harder than our boy Tony DeMarco and has enough energy to keep you going deep into the late rounds at a little mountain I like to call "Killi," you proably neva been there. On your way down Superstar throw the one finger salute towards those Yankee fans, from Westchester, who think they know what good baseball is, bums. In all seriousness, hand to god, Gilson makes a mean board thats perfect for crushing groomers or slicing through some glades. If you need a good snowboard, want to show the world your undying love for the Sox, and hate everything about the New York Yankees, this is the board for you. 

Poplar Core

Hybrid Soft Edge Base

Designed by: Gilson // Built by: Gilson, Pennsylvania Factory

TLDR: Teddy F##kin' Ball Game!!!! GO SOX! 

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